Johnson Contracting Assist Prudential Center Highrise Apartment Renovations

Johnson Contracting Corporation is proud to be part of the renovation of 50 luxury units at the Prudential Center high-rise apartments. The renovation calls on Johnson Contracting's expertise in meeting deadlines and coordinating with other contractors in this large-scale job.  

Also on the docket this month is a renovation project at the resident lounge at Station 250, Legacy Place in Dedham, Massachusetts. Johnson Contracting provides the expert finishing touches required by the premier luxury living Station 250 offers. 

The Johnson Contracting painting company did an exceptionally good job painting our offices. They accommodated to our schedule, were friendly, cheerful and quick, and left no excess paint on the carpet or ceiling!

Because we work with the public, records could not be moved during the workday. The painters volunteered to move our records and furniture after hours. When we came back in the morning everything was back in place.

Thanks, again for your work on our area.

Stanley E. Nyberg, Ph.D.
State Registrar
Massachusetts Department of Public Health